We also offers oil changes at an affordable price. Oil changes are a crucially important part to the proper maintenance of your vehicle. We will change the oil and filters on your vehicle as well as check all of the level of your vehicles engine. If you’re a car owner, you should know that you should change your car oil regularly. Whether you drive short distances or your car endures long drives, every car needs to get an oil change regularly. Car oil could be considered the blood of every car. Without it, your car couldn’t run; and with unchanged oil, your car wouldn’t run properly.  Looking for the best auto repair shop in Richmond would be hard if you don’t know where to go. If you’re looking for an oil change or any other car repair and maintenance service, Richmond Auto Repair is the only place to go.

When you regularly get oil and change, your car’s performance will be optimally maintained. If your car runs slowly, then it’s about time to boost it up again. Regain your car’s performance with the services that Richmond Auto Repair has. Get an oil change and your car’s performance would be just like new again. We also do other auto repair and maintenance services that your car might need, too.

Our Oil Change Services Include the Following

  • Up to 5 quarts of new oil
  • Transmission and Coolant Exchange Services New oil filter
  • Chassis lube (if applicable)
  • Check air filter
  • Wash windshield
  • Adjust tires to recommended P.S.I.
  • Check wiper blades
  • Windshield wiper reservoir
  • Coolant fluid reservoir
  • Power steering reservoir
  • Automatic transmission fluid (if applicable)