Proper steering function is dependent on the quality and performance of your suspension parts. Inspections, routine maintenance, and forepart alignment services can keep your ride swish and facilitate your vehicle to operate in high condition. Your steering wheel is vibrating? It’s time for a checkup. Stop by at Richmond Auto Repair and, we will help you get that straight away. Your suspension serves for managing the road and handling it at the identical time. Additionally makes it safe for you once you maneuver it on the road. But, if you have vibration on the steering wheel, premature tire wear, leaking fluids from seals, popping, or clunking noise underneath your vehicle. Make an appointment with our professionals.

Steering Service & Maintenance

Turning the steering wheel of your car seems simple, but a lot happens between your steering wheel and your car’s tires. This complex system relies on a number of processes in order to function properly. Nearly all vehicles today come with power steering, but if this system fails, it quickly becomes a safety issue. Typical steering and suspension services include wheel alignments, shock and strut repair and front and/or rear suspension repair. We provide alignment services to steering wheel columns. We offer regular checkups to ensure the steering column of the car is working properly. Our master auto technicians can repair or re-align your steering column to keep your cars steering system working properly.